Below & Hidden

Below & Hidden: A Secret Clerkenwell Club - Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

We have a soft spot for small, intimate basements. The history of nightlife is filled with legendary places no bigger than a living room. In such places, traditionally, there is nothing more than somewhere comfortable to sit, small tables, extremely forgiving light, great drinks, charming, cool service and, naturally, amazing music.

No bigger than an average living room, and designed to feel like the dark, cool and moody alter ego to its light and airy sister venue upstairs, Below & Hidden offers a secret drinking and dancing den in Clerkenwell for discerning night owls. When the DJ hits his stride, Below & Hidden feels like the coolest party guests have ever been invited to. As the night unfolds, the luxurious tapestry-covered walls reveal floor to ceiling LED light panels, illuminating the beat. It is a place for when you don’t feel like winding down the night just yet. Elegant misbehaviour has a place in everyone’s life we think.

The Basement is also ideal for a number of different projects. We’ve hosted exhibitions, pop-ups, product launches, cocktail classes, life drawing classes, yoga classes, screenings, literary salons, talks and Q&As.

The smallest room you ever got lost in.

Below & Hidden: A Secret Clerkenwell Club - Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings