B&H Kitchen

Adorned with plants hanging from the high beams, The B&H Kitchen has been lovingly and carefully designed. From the beautifully constructed Chef’s table in the centre of the room to the white washed walls and hanging festoons, B&H Kitchen is the perfect space for dinner parties, private functions and entertaining clients.

B&H Kitchen private dining room and cookery school at Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

Private Dining

B&H Kitchen provides an intimate and atmospheric private dining room, complete with personal chef cooking everything in front of you and your own bartender – or honesty bar if you prefer. The dining table is a beautiful bespoke piece of London Plane which comfortably accommodates up to 16 diners and in its simple charm provides a lucrative conversation starter. The room itself transforms effortlessly from bright and airy Sunday brunch hangout to intimate candle-lit dinner party.

Kitchen Studio and Dry Hire

The B&H Kitchen has been carefully and lovingly designed to offer a functional and beautiful environment. B&H Kitchen offers a perfect setting for recipe testing, cookery book launches, filming and photography. With flexible hours, plenty of natural light and a timeless but innovative design, B&H Kitchen is the model studio and dry-hire space. 


The B&H Kitchen offers a relaxed and comfortable environment against a stunning backdrop. The hanging plants and creepers frame a large solid wood table which can accommodate an intimate meeting of two as effortlessly as a large group of up to 16. With an ample supply of power points, fast WIFI, a large screen for presentations, and a dedicated member of the waiting team, the Kitchen is the ideal choice for an all-day, or even week-long meeting.

Client Entertaining and Team Building

B&H Kitchen can be privately booked for a wide range of inventive courses, accommodating up to 12 participants. The Kitchen’s tutorials, hosted by guest specialists, are as entertaining as they are insightful, and cover everything from bread making and butchery, to DIY facial scrubs and food styling.

Our most popular classes:

·       Knife Skills

·       Steak & Wine Nights

·       Cold Press Juices

·      Sustainable Beauty Products

B&H Kitchen private dining room and cookery school at B&H Buildings in Exmouth Market