Punch Bowls

Bourne & Hollingsworth has built a reputation on the quality and creativity of our cocktails, and a punch bowl is the perfect way to showcase these to a large group of guests. Beautifully presented in Sterling silver bowls with silver serving ladle, and creatively garnished, our punches are a fantastic way to wow your guests. 

Summer Punch Bowl

Rumbullion Punch £8
A Caribbean cornucopia of rums and tropical flavours, this fruity libation blends light and heavy rums, fresh pineapple and pineapple shrub, pomegranate and lime juices, sweetened with a house spice syrup. Garnished with iced pineapple and limes

 Verity’s Tipple £7
Inspired by days of yore this is a light, complex and refreshing beverage. Based on a melange of Bordeaux white wine and aromatised wines, lifted with navel oranges and balanced with traditional mead and a homemade lovage syrup. Garnished with iced cucumber and grapes

Delectation Fizz £7
Working with the delicate fragrance of Rathbone New London Dry Gin, this delectable drink brings together spice-clementines and quince and the effervescence of our fresh lemonade. Garnished with iced clementines and lemons

House-Fashioned £9-£11
Your choice of Bourbon (Four Roses Small Batch £9), Scotch (Macallan Gold £11), Rum (Santa Teresa 1796 £11) or Tequila (Herradura Reposado £11), pre-seasoned with tailored bitters and citrus. Served ready to pour, chilled and diluted to perfection with appropriate garnishes

N.B. All prices listed are per person, and punches are available for a minimum of 10 guests, by pre order only.