Cooking with Cocktails 

for Movember

Supported by Monkey Shoulder whisky.


The modern chef creates dishes incorporating science, tools and techniques specially designed to enhance and improve the experience of eating. The same is also true of the cocktail world, resulting in interesting and fascinating forms of ice, ingredients and serves, wowing drinkers at top bars the world over.

Monkey Shoulder whisky has teamed up with some of the best and brightest bars and restaurants in London to bring these two spheres together. This November, cocktail connoisseurs and foodie aficionados will meet to produce an exciting series of suppers, Cooking with Cocktails, all to raise awareness for Movember’s charitable causes.

These innovative mad scientists of the mixology and culinary world have created a three-course menu taking perfectly balanced cocktails as core recipe ingredients and cooking them into delectable dishes. Utilising traditional techniques such as curing, and more modern sous vide and vacuum infusion methods, fish, meat and dessert courses are paired perfectly with the cocktails and flavours they are cooked or rested in.

The chefs and mixologists come from Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings, Petit Pois Bistro and Victory Mansion who will also be on hand throughout the night to talk guests through the drinks and dishes they have created.

Tickets are priced from £50 and curious Londoner’s will enjoy an arrival drink, three paired courses, followed by a dram of Monkey Shoulder whisky, all in the decadent surroundings of The Greenhouse at B&H Buildings. All proceeds from the supper clubs will go to the Movember Foundation, the only global charity that focuses entirely on men’s health.

That warm fuzzy glow in your belly won't just be from the dinner and drinks!


Starter: Victory Mansion Blood & Sand with torched drunk mackerel

Main Course: B&H Buildings Red Manhattan with bavette, garlic & thyme pomme purée, braised cabbage and Manhattan jus

Dessert: Petit Pois raspberry-infused Boulevardier with Boulevardier chocolate ganache tarte