Weddings at B&H Buildings

Weddings at B&H Buildings in Exmouth Market

Everyone loves a wedding. Weddings are life-affirming, reinforcing that fundamental human trait: the need to connect. They remind us to cherish those close to us always. To rejoice in those who laugh at our jokes.  To treasure those with whom we can cry. To prize above rubies those with whom we can cook a nice meal, dissect a good book, see a good play (or a bad play), binge on a box-set. Weddings give us a chance to be generous with our love and good will, and an opportunity to be filled with that loving feeling. A wedding day is filled with heightened emotions: joy, nostalgia, sadness, longing, hilarity, love.

And when a couple chooses to spend their wedding day with us at B&H Buildings it really is an honour.

Our humble Clerkenwell home is the perfect backdrop for your special day. With its numerous windows, white-washed walls and lush hanging baskets it is already romantically decorated for the occasion. The building attracts daylight, even on the dreariest day: what a wonderful gift! Every detail, from chair to tea-spoon has been lovingly and carefully sourced to seamlessly complement the whole. All of these elements conspire to make it a wonderful photography location – favoured by the likes of Kurt Geiger, Nike, Clarins, Erdem, and now you!

Our friendly and knowledgeable team are on hand to help you from the planning stages onwards, ensuring your day runs without a hitch so you can concentrate on enjoying yourself. We have a vast amount of experience in running large-scale events and you can trust us to make sure that every detail of your day is covered.

The overall maximum capacity of B&H Buildings is 120 seated guests or 220 standing. The venue is itself incredibly flexible and it is possible to easily break down the spaces for smaller parties, but we would always recommend taking the entire venue for a wedding party, as it allows you far more freedom in terms of menus, logistics, décor and entertainment.  

Weddings at B&H Buildings in Exmouth Market


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